Timelessness and the Reality of Fate

Monday, July 5, 2010

Article by Harunyahya


A general review of historical trends reveals that all anti-religionists base their philosophy on materialist thought. As is known, materialists deny the fact of creation. Instead, they maintain that matter has existed since time immemorial and will remain as an absolute entity for all eternity. In other words, they deify matter. Materialism is thus defined in materialist sources:

Materialism accepts the eternity and everlastingness of the universe (its having no beginning or end), that it is not created by God, and is infinite in time and place.1 The reason why materialism so deifies matter stems from its categorical refusal to accept the existence of a Creator. That matter is not absolute implies that it had a beginning: that it had a beginning means that it was brought into being from nothing, that is, it was created.

Not surprisingly, the consensus reached by the world of science at the end of the 20th century verifies the fact that matter is not absolute and that it had a beginning: the whole universe originated from nothing approximately 15 billion years ago with the explosion of a point with "zero" volume and took its present shape by expanding over time. The authenticity of this event, which is called the Big Bang, is proved by many substantial observations and experiments as well as by the calculations of theoretic physicists.

Today, modern science verifies facts announced by the Qur'an 1400 years ago, which are unequivocally believed in by the believers. This bears witness that the Qur'an is the word of Allah. On the other hand, materialist thought, which has been denying Allah's existence and the fact of creation for centuries, is refuted in every field by science, a discipline to which it never stops referring and in which it takes refuge on all occasions. In this book, we will produce evidence to show that the claims of materialists have no scientific and logical basis, and that on the contrary, materialism is totally demolished by contemporary science. The subjects covered here include very important pieces of evidence about the essence of matter and the relativity of time and space. Thus, you will encounter some facts which you have never pondered upon so far, and will understand that the essence of matter is in truth very different from what materialism puts forward or what you have previously been taught.

Facts Announced By The Qur'an 14 Centuries Ago To sum up, the definite conclusion reached by astrophysics was that the entire universe, with its matter and time dimensions, came into being at a moment of zero with a big explosion (Big Bang). Before the Big Bang, there was no such thing as time. Matter, energy, and time came into existence out of a state of nothingness where neither matter, nor energy, and nor time was existent this event can be defined as entirely metaphysical. However, this great reality discovered by modern physics only at the end of this century was announced to us in the Qur'an 14 centuries ago.

To Him is due the primal origin of the heavens and the earth. (Surat al-Anaam, 101)
The Big Bang theory showed that, in the beginning, all the objects in the universe were of one piece and then were parted. This fact, which was postulated by the Big Bang theory was stated in the Qur'an 14 centuries ago, when people had a very limited knowledge about the universe: Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? (Surat al-Anbiya, 30)

As stated at the beginning of this chapter, the expansion of the universe is one of the most important pieces of evidence that the universe was created out of nothing. Although this fact, which has existed since the universe was created, was not discovered by modern science until the 20th century, Allah informed us of this reality in the Qur'an which was revealed 1,400 years ago:It is We who have built the universe with (Our creative) power, and, verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it. (Surat adh-Dhariyat, 47)

Everything That You Possess Is Intrinsically Illusory
As it may be seen clearly, it is a scientific and logical fact that the "external world" has no materialistic reality and that it is a collection of images perpetually presented to our soul by Allah. Nevertheless, people usually do not include, or rather do not want to include, everything in the concept of the "external world".

If you think on this issue sincerely and boldly, you come to realise that your house, your furniture in it, your car-perhaps recently bought, your office, your jewels, your bank account, your wardrobe, your spouse, your children, your colleagues, and all else that you possess are in fact included in this imaginary external world projected to you. Everything you see, hear, or smell–in short–perceive with your five senses around you is a part of this "imaginary world" the voice of your favourite singer, the hardness of the chair you sit on, a perfume whose smell you like, the sun that keeps you warm, a flower with beautiful colours, a bird flying in front of your window, a speedboat moving swiftly on the water, your fertile garden, the computer you use at your job, or your hi-fi that has the most advanced technology in the world…

This is the reality, because the world is only a collection of images created to test man. People are tested all through their limited lives with perceptions bearing no reality. These perceptions are intentionally presented as appealing and attractive. This fact is mentioned in the Qur'an:Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: Women and sons; Heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence) ; and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land. Such are the possessions of this world's life; but in nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (to return to). (Surat Aal-e Imran, 14)

Most people cast their religion away for the lure of property, wealth, heaped-up hoards of gold and silver, dollars, jewels, bank accounts, credit cards, wardrobe-full clothes, late-model cars, in short, all forms of prosperity they either possess or strive to possess and they concentrate only on this world while forgetting the hereafter. They are deceived by the "fair and alluring" face of the life of this world, and fail to keep up prayer, give charity to the poor, and perform worship that will make them prosper in the hereafter by saying "I have things to do", "I have ideals", "I have responsibilities", "I do not have enough time", "I have things to complete", "I will do them in the future". They consume their lives by trying to prosper only in this world. In the verse, "They know but the outer (things) in the life of this world: but of the End of things they are heedless." (Surat ar-Room, 7) , this misconception is described.

The fact we describe in this chapter, namely the fact that everything is an image, is very important for its implication that it renders all the lusts and boundaries meaningless. The verification of this fact makes it clear that everything people possess and toil to possess, their wealth made with greed, their children with whom they boast, their spouses who they consider to be closest to them, their friends, their dearest bodies, their rank which they hold to be a superiority, the schools they have attended, the holidays they have been are nothing but mere illusion. Therefore, all the efforts put, the time spent, and the greed felt prove to be in unavailing.

This is why some people unwittingly make fools of themselves when they boast of their wealth and properties or of their "yachts, helicopters, factories, holdings, manors and lands" as if they ever really existed. Those well-to-do people who ostentatiously saunter up and down in their yachts, show off with their cars, keep talking about their wealth, suppose that their post rank them higher than everyone else and keep thinking that they are successful because of all this, should actually think what kind of a state they would find themselves in once they realise that their success is nothing but an illusion.

In fact, these scenes are many times seen in dreams as well. In their dreams, they also have houses, fast cars, extremely precious jewels, rolls of dollars, and loads of gold and silver. In their dreams, they are also positioned in a high rank, own factories with thousands of workers, possess power to rule over many people, put on clothes that make every one admire them… Just as boasting about one's possessions in one's dream causes a person to be ridiculed, he is sure to be equally ridiculed for boasting of images he sees in this world. After all, both what he sees in his dreams and what he relates to in this world are mere images in his mind.

Similarly the way people react to the events they experience in the world is to make them feel ashamed when they realise the reality. Those who fiercely fight with each other, those who rave furiously, who swindle, who take bribes, who commit forgery, who lie, who covetously withhold their money, who do wrong to people, who beat and curse others, raging aggressors, those who are full of passion for office and rank, who practice envy, who try to show off, who try to sanctify themselves and all others will be disgraced when they realise that they have committed all of these deeds in a dream.

Since it is Allah Who creates all these images, the Ultimate Owner of everything is Allah alone. This fact is stressed in the Qur'an:
But to Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth: And He it is that Encompasses all things. (Surat an-Nisa, 126)

It is a great foolishness to cast religion away at the cost of imaginary passions and thus lose the eternal life.At this stage, one point should be well grasped: it is not said here that the fact you face predicates that "all the possessions, wealth, children, spouses, friends, rank you have with which you are being stingy will vanish sooner or later, and therefore they do not have any meaning". It is rather said that "all the possessions you seem to have in fact do not exist at all, but they are merely a dream and composed of images shown to you by Allah to test you". As you see, there is a big difference between the two statements

The above article is one of my favourite works by Harunyahya.To read full text please visit where you can read , copy and download the article.


Christians say" Jesus did claim himself as God"

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Christians say " Jesus did claim himself as God
Christians answer " Jesus did claim to be a God when he said " I and the Father are One. Did Jesus said that in the Bible?

Who give better explanation and answer then the famous muslim scholar, preacher and debater Allahyaraham Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. A man with mission. He died at age 87 with a legacy of propagating Islam and defending it against missionaries. He also conducted classes on Bible studies.

He delivered lectures all over the world and successfully engaged Christian Evangelists in public debates. Several thousand people have converted into Islam as a result of these efforts.
One of his most famous debates was “Was Christ Crucified?” when he debated Bishop Josh McDowell in Durban in 1981.

Famous books by Deedat included "The Choice - Between Islam and Christianity; "Is the Bible God’s Word?"; "Al Qur’an the Miracle of Miracles" ; "What the Bible says about Muhammad (PBUH)?"; and "Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction?"

" Invite all to the way of the Lord with
wisdom and beautiful preaching and
reason with them in ways that are best
and most gracious
( Al-Quran 16:125)

I extract one of his famous articles for your reading or you can read the full text by visiting


if this is the statement of truth from the all-knowing, that"never did i say to them anything other than what i was commanded to say,that is wor-ship god, who is my lord and your lord", then how do the Christians jus-tify worshipping Jesus? there is not a single unequivocal statement throughout the bible, in allits 66 volumes of the Protestant versions, or in the 73 volumes of theroman catholic versions, where Jesus claims to be god or where he says -'worship me.' nowhere does he say that he and god almighty are one and the same person. the last phrase above - "one and the same person" tickles many a "hot-gospeller" and "bible-thumper," not excluding the doctor of divinity and the professor of theology. even the new converts to Christianity have memorized these verses.they are programmed like zombies to rattle offverses, out of context, upon which they can hang their faith.
the words"are one" activates the mind by association of memories. "yes", say theTrinitarians - the worshippers of three gods in one god, and one god in three gods - "Jesus did claim to be god!" where? REVEREND AT THE TABLE i had taken rev. Morris D. D. and his wife, to lunch at the "golden pea-cock". while at the table, during the course of our mutual sharing of knowledge, the opportunity arose to ask, "where?" and without a murmur he quoted, "i and my father are one" - to imply that god and Jesus were one and the same person. that Jesus here claims to be god. the verse quoted was well known to me, but it was being quoted out of context. it did not carry the meaning that the doctor was imaging, so i asked him, "what is the context?" CHOKED ON "CONTEXT"the reverend stopped eating and began staring at me. i said, "why? don'tyou know the context?" - "you see, what you have quoted is the text, i want to know the context, the text that goes with it, before or after."here was an Englishman (Canadian), a paid-servant of the Presbyterian church, a doctor of divinity, and it appeared that i was trying to teach him English. of course he knew what "context" meant. but like the rest of his compatriots, he had not studied the sense in which Jesus(pbuh) had uttered the words. In my forty years of experience, this test had been thrown at me hundredof times, but not a single learned Christian had ever attempted to hazard a guess as to its real meaning. they always start fumbling for their bibles. the doctor did not have one with him. when they do start going fortheir bibles, i stop them in their stride. "surely, you know what you are quoting?" "surely, you know your bible?" after reading this, i hope some"born-again" Christians will rectify this deficiency. but i doubt that Muslim readers will ever come across one in their lifetime who could give them the context. WHAT IS THE CONTEXT? It is unfair on the part of the reverend, having failed to provide the context, then to ask me, "do you know the context?" "of course," i said."then, what is it?" asked my learned friend. i said, "that which you have quoted is the text of john chapter 10, verse 30. to get at the context,we have to begin from verse 23 which reads: 23 and Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch. john, or whoever he was, who wrote his story, does not tell us the reason for Jesus tempting the devil by walking alone in the lion's den. for we do not expect the Jews to miss a golden opportunity to get even with Jesus. perhaps, he was emboldened by the manner in which he had literally whipped the Jews single-handed in the temple, and upset the tables of the money-changers at the beginning of his ministry (john 2:15). 24 then came the Jews round about him. and said unto him, how long dost thou make us to doubt? if thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. they surrounded him. brandishing their fingers in his face, they began accusing him and provoking him; saying that he had not put forth his cl-aim plainly enough, clearly enough. that he was talking ambiguously. they were trying to work themselves into a frenzy to assault him. in fact,their real complaint was that they did not like his method of preaching-hisinvectives, the manner in which he condemned them for their formalism,their ceremonialism, their going for the letter of the law and forgettingthe spirit. but Jesus could not afford to provoke them any further-therewere too many and they were itching for a fight. discretion is the better part of valour. in a conciliatory spirit, befitting the occasion - 25 Jesus answered them, i told you, and you believed not:the works that i do in my father's name, they bear witness of me. that is to say , the miracles bear witness of my prophethood and of me being the messiah . 26 but ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as i said unto you. Jesus rebuts the false charge of his enemies that he was ambiguous inhis claims to being the messiah that they were waiting for. he says that he did tell them clearly enough, yet they would not listen to him, but 27 my sheep hear my voice, and i know them, and they follow me: 28 and i give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, nei-ther shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 29 my father which gave them me, is greater than all, and no man is able to pluck them out of my father's hand. how can anyone be so blind as not to see the exactness of the ending ofthe last two verses. but spiritual blinkers are more impervious than physical defects. he is telling the Jews and recording for posterity, the real unity or relationship between the father and the son. the most crucial verse - 30 i and my father are one. one in what? in their omniscience? in their nature? in their omnipotenceno! one in purpose! that once a believer has accepted faith, the messen-ger sees to it that he remains in faith, and god almighty also sees toit that he remains in faith. this is the purpose of the "father" and the"son" and the "holy ghost" and of every man and every woman of faith. let the same john explain his Gnostic mystic verbiage. that they all may be one: as thou. father, art inme, and in thee, that they also may be one in us... i in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one.... john 17:20-22 if Jesus is "one" with god, and if that "oneness" makes him god, then the traitor Judas, and the doubting Thomas, and the satanic peter, plus the other nine who deserted him when he was most in need are god(s),becausethe same oneness which he claimed with god in john 10:30, now he claims for all "who forsook him and fled"(mark 14:50) - all "ye of little faith" (mathew 8:26) - all "o faithless and perverse generation"(Luke 9:41) where and when will the Christian blasphemy end? the expression "i and my father are one," was very innocent, meaning nothing more than a com-mon purpose with god. but the Jews were looking for trouble and any ex-cuse will not do, therefore, - 31 the Jews took up stones again to stone him. 32 Jesus answered them, many good works have i shewed you from my father for which of those works do you stone me? 33 the Jews answered him, saying, for a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself a god. in verse 24 above the Jews falsely alleged that Jesus was talking ambiguously. when that charge was ably refuted, they then accused him of blasphemy (Kufr) which is like treason in the spiritual realm. so they say that Jesus is claiming to be god - "i and my father are one". the Chris-tians agree with the Jews in this that Jesus (pbuh) did make such a claim; but, differ, in that it was not blasphemy because the Christians say that he was god and was entitled to own up to his divinity. the Christians and the Jews are both agreed that the utterance is seri-ous. to one as an excuse for good "redemption", and to the other as anexcuse for good "riddance". between the two, let the poor Jesus die. butJesus refuses to co-operate in this dirty game, so - 34 Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, i said,ye are gods? 35 if he called them gods, unto whom the word of god came, and thescripture cannot be broken; 36 say ye of him, whom the father hath sanctified, and sent into theworld, thou blasphemest; because i said, i am the son of god? WHY "YOUR LAW"?he is bit sarcastic in verse 34, but in any event, why does he say:"your law"? is it not also his law? didn't he say: think not that i amcome to destroy the law or the prophets: i am come not to destroy, butto fulfill (the law). for verily i say unto you, till heaven and earthpass away, one lot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. (Matthew 5:17-18) "YE ARE GODS""ye are gods:" he is obviously quoting from the 82nd. psalm (verse 6)"i have said, ye are gods: and all of you are, the children of the most high." Jesus, continues, "if he (i.e. god almighty) called them gods, unto whom the word of god came (meaning that the prophets of god were called 'GODS'and the scripture cannot be broken (in other words- you can't contradict me!)." - Jesus knows his scripture; he speaks with authority; and he reasons with his enemies that "if good men, holy men, prophets of god are being addressed as "gods" in our books of authority, with which you find no fault - then why do you take exception to me? - when the only claim i make for myself is far inferior in our language, viz. "a son of god"as against others being called "gods" by god himself. even if (Jesus)described myself as "god" in our language, according to Hebrew usage,you could find no fault with me." this is the plain reading of Christian scripture. i am giving no interpretations of my own or some esoteric meaning to words!

CHAPTER 7 : "IN THE BEGINNING" "where does Jesus say - "I am god," or "I am equal to god," or worship me"i asked the D. D. from Canada, again. reverend Morris took a deep breath and took another try. he quoted the most oft-repeated verse of the Christian bible. - john 1:1. "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god."please note, these are not the words of Jesus. they are the words of john (or whoever wrote them). acknowledged by every erudite Christian scholar of the bible as being the words of another Jew, Philo of alexan-dria, who had written them even before john and Jesus were born and Philo claimed no divine inspiration for them. no matter what mystical meaning that Philo had woven around these words (which our john has plagiarized)we will accept them for what they are worth. GREEK NOT HEBREW since the manuscripts of the 27 books of the new testament are in Greek,a Christian sect has produced its own version and has even changed thename of this selection of 27 books to "Christian Greek scriptures"! iasked the reverend whether he knew Greek? "yes," he said, he had studiedGreek for 5 years before qualification . i asked him what was the Greek word for "god" the first time it occurs in the quotation - "and the word was with god"? he kept staring, but didn't answer. so i said, the word was HOTHEOS, which literally means "the god". since the European (including the north American) has evolved a system of using capital letter to start a proper noun and small letters for common nouns, we would ac-cept his giving a capital "g" for god; in other words HOTHEOS is rendered"the god" which in turn is rendered - god. "now tell me, what is the Greek word for god in the second occurrence in your quotation - "and the word was god"? the reverend still kept silent. not that he did not know Greek, or that he had lied - but, he knewmore than that, the game was up. i said the word was TONTHEOS, whichmeans "a god".according to your own system of translating you aught to have spelt this word God a second time with a small "g" i.e. god, and not God with a ca-pital "G"; in other words TONTHEOS is rendered "a god". both of these,"god" or "a god" are correct. i told the reverend "but in 2 Corinthians 4:4 you have dishonestly reversed your system by using a small "g" when spelling GOD - "(and the devilis) the god of this world." the Greek word for "the god" is HOTHEOS thesame as in john 1:1. "why have you not been consistent in your transla-tion?" "if Paul was inspired (?) to write hotheos - the God for theDevil, why begrudge him that capital 'G'?" and in the old testament, the lord said unto Moses,"see, I have made thee a god to pharoah"(exodus 7:1). "why do you use a small "g" for "god"when referring to Moses instead of a capital "g" as you do for a mereword - 'word' - "and the word was god."? "why do you do this? why do you play fast and loose with the word of -god ?" i asked the reverend. he said, "i didn't do it." i said, "i know,but i am talking about the vested interests of Christianity, who are hellbent to deify Christ, by using capital letters here and small letters there, to deceive the unwary masses who think that every letter, every comma and full stop and the capital and small letters were dictated by god."

Ahmad Deedat: Christianity and Islam (Geneva Switzerland)

Islam and Christianity -Ahmad Deedat and Gary Miller (2/18)

Lecture -Truth and Proof by Yusuf Estes


The blind and deaf people

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There are lots of verses in the Quran mentioning about the blind and deaf people
Allah says in the Quran,

Darkness in the sea

Or [the unbelievers' state] are like the darkness of a fathomless sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he can scarcely see it. Those Allah gives no light to, they have no light. (Qur'an; An-Nur 24:40)

Who are the blind and the deaf people? Those are people living without light and in the darkness . They are blinded from the truth and the right path and leading their lives heedlessly thingking that they are in the right path. They are in dilusions.

People living in the dark thought what they done everyday in their life are right. All their lives they thought they are in the right paths and some even worst, living heedlessly. For them this life is short and they do whatever they want and pleases. 'We only live once', that are their motto. There is no life after that. They do not believe in life after death. They have no fear of death. For them death is the end of everything,.. full stop, the end of their lives. If only they knew.. what awaits them after that. They are living in delusions. There are covering on their eyes and deafness in their ears.They do not hear nor see. They do not understand and they will not understand. They are in plain errors. They are in a teribble state of darkness. They have no light at all. Only by God's will , they will be given light.

What state of darkness could a person be in? How dark it is? In a dark of a room, a dark and dank dungeon of an old castle , a prison cell in a pitch dark night ? What could be any darker than that? A place on earth that you could be inside and feel the darkness. A place you could not even see your own hands. Could you give better example than the ayat below? I tried to find darker place the the ayat below but I could not .

Quran says the best " in the deep sea 1000m below. There is no light at all.

More examples from the Qur'an about Disbelivers

What God Says about Disbelievers ( Disbelievers in Islamic Monotheism)

People Who Deny the Ayat is Like a Donkey Carrying Huge Burden of BooksThe likeness of those who were entrusted with the( obligation of the Torah) Taurat (Torah) but subsequetly failed in those (obligations), is like the likeness of a donkey which carries huge burdens of books ( but understand nothing from them) How bad is the example of people who deny the Ayat ( verses,proof, signs, revelations, etc) of Allah. And Allah guides not the people who are Zalimun( wrongdoers,polythiests, disbeliever) (Qur'an; Al-Jumu'ah 62:4)

Not Alike Light and Darkness -The Living and The Dead- The Believers and The Disbelievers

Not alike are the blind (disbelievers in Islamic Monotheism ) and the seeing( the believers in Islamic Monotheism). Nor are (alike) darkness (disbelief) and light (believer).Nor are (alike) the shade and the sun's heat. Nor are (alike) the living ( the believers) and the dead (the disbelievers) . Verily , Allah makes whom He wills to hear, but you cannot make hear those who are in graves And if We had sent this as a Qur'an in a foreign language (other than Arabic), they would have said; Why are not its verses explained in detail ( in our language)? What! (A Book ) not in arabic and ( the messenger) an Arab? Say; it is for those who believe , a guide and a healing. (Quran; Fatir 35:19-22)

Disbelievers are Blind and Deaf

And for those who disbelieve, there is heaviness (deafness) in their ears, and it ( the Qur'an) is blindness , for them. They are those who are called from a place far away (so they neither listen nor understand). And indeed We gave Musa (Moses) the Scripture, but dispute arose therein . And had it not been for a Word that went forth before from your Lord, (the torment would have overtaken them) and the matter would have been settled between them. But truly, they are in grave doubts thereto (i.e about the Qur'an) . (Qur'an; Fussilat 41:44-45)

So verily, you (O Muhammad p.b.u.h) cannot make the dead hear (the disbeliever in Islamic Monotheism), nor can you make the deaf to hear the call , when they show their back and turn away.And you ( O Muhammad p.b.u.h) cannot guide the blind from the straying; you can make to hear only those who believe in our Ayat (proofs,evidences,signs, revealtion,,Islamic Monotheism, etc) and have submitted to Allah in Islam (as Muslims) (Qur'an;Ar-rum 30:52-53).

Is he who breast Allah has opened to Islam, so that he is light from his Lord (as he is a non-muslim)? So, woe to those whose hearts are hardened against rememberence of Allah! They are in plain error! ( Qur'an 39: 22)

Disbelivers' Deeds Are Like Mirage in a Desert

As for those who disbelieved, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one thinks it to be water until he comes up to it, he finds it to be nothing; but he finds Allah with him , Who will pay him his due (Hell). And Allah is swift in taking account . (Qur'an 24:39)

Disbelivers- Whether you warn them or not, they will not believe

Verily, those who disbelieve, it is same whether you ( O Muhammad saas) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe. Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing (i.e they are closed from accepting Allah's guidance ) and their eyes there is a covering . Theirs will be a great torment. And of mankind, there are some hypocrites) who say: We believe in Allah and the last day, while in fact they do not believe.They (think to)decieve Allah and those who belive, while they only deceive themselves, and persive not!. ( Qur'an; Al-Baqarah 2:6-9)

Hypocrites are the fool

And, When it is said to them (hypocrites): Believe as the people ( followers of Muhammad saas, Al-Ansar and Al-Muhajirun) have believed, they say "Shall we believe as the fools have believed? Verily they are the fools, but they know not.And when they meet those who believe, they say , We believe ," but when they are alone with their Shayatin (devils- polytheists,hypocrites) They say " Truly we are with you; verily we were but mocking."Allah mocks at them and gives them increase in their wrong-doing to wander blindly ( Quran; Al-Baqarah 2:13-15)

Disbelivers Are Deaf, Dumb and Blind

These are they who have purchased erroer for guidance, so their commerce was profitless. And they were not guided. Their likness is as the likeness of one who rekindles a fire; then when it lighted around him, Allah took away their light and left them in darkness. They could not see. They are deaf, dumb, and blind . So the return not. (To the right path) (Qur'an Al-Baqarah 16-18)


Follow not what you have no knowledge

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Follow not what you have no knowledge And follow not ( O man, i.e. say not or do not or witness not) that of which you have no knowledge. Verily the hearing, and the sight, and the heart of each of those ones will be questioned.(Al-Qur'an Al-Isra' 17:36)

This verse has a lot of meaning to me and how I define it. It asks you not to follow anything that you have no knowledge . Every human has a big responsibility to themselves. We have to seek knowledge, to read, to understand, to ponder and to find the truth and knowledge by using our heart, eyes and ears because at the end, we will responsible for all our actions and decisions in our lives. Nobody is bearer of other people's sins. Something or anything that raises doubts and questions are worth to be studied and ponder further so that we are not in error and further from the truth. To find the truth takes a lot of actions and efforts. Many people are just satisfied with the knowledge, information or belief that they have and live with that for the rest of their lives.

And among men is he who disputes about Allah without knowledge or guidance , or a Book giving light (from Allah).(Al-Quran; Al-Hajj:8)

Something that must and worth to ponder on as follows;

1) There is no verses in the Bible where Jesus (p.b.u.h) claimed himself directly as God or asked his people "Worship me". Is this information satisfy you or raise a doubt ? God says in Al-Quran

"O My Slaves who believe!Certainly spacious is My EarthTherefore, Worship Me"(Alone)(Al-Quran A-Ankabut 29:56)

Can you find any verses similar like this in the Bibble ?

2)The likeness of Isa (Jesus as ) is like Adam as. Allah creates what He wills"Verily, the likeness of Jesus in Allah's sight is like the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then said to him, Be!, and he was."(Quran Al-Imran 3:59)
What make you disbelieve this?

Every Muslim believes it.What make you disbelieve the Quran?There are a lot of explanations about Trinity and they are very confusing.The truth should always be simple and easy to understand.Find out about about pagan religions and their Gods e.g. Osiris, and why there are similarities with Christianity beliefs.

Are you just a follower but not a believer ?

And they worship besides Allah for which He has sent down no authority , and of which they have no knowledge; and for the Zalimun (wrongdoers, polytheist and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) there is no helper. ( Al-Quran Al-Hajj 22:71)

And those who disbelieved, will not cease in doubt about it (this Quran) until the Hour comes suddenly upon them, or there comes to them the torment of the Day after which there will be no night (i.e the Day of Resurrection )
( Qur'an Al-Hajj 22:55)

Have they not traveled through the land, and have they hearts wherewith to understand and ears wherewith to hear? Verily, it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in breasts that grow blind. (Al-Quran Al-Hajj 22:46)

You reject this verse but accept the disturbing sex stories in the Bible?

3)Pagan Religions: The Cult of Mithras – So many Similarity with Christianity beliefs. A pure coincidence or a copy? Jesus Christ origins from the pagan gods.

During the Roman Empire besides, Mithra was one of most successful religions besides Christianity and other antiquities. The religion emerged at almost the same time as Christianity. Mithra was derived from the ancient Persian (Iranian) God of light and wisdom. In the course of time, the religion developed and become very influential particularly on Rome’s army officer and legionaries. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, Mithra religion was equal in strength to Christianity, and both sects competed with Rome’s many traditional divinities. To obtain influence with and protection from Roman emperors, both sects resorted to denunciation, accusing each other of blasphemy and of imitating sacred ceremonies. The conflict went on for decades until finally Emperor Constantine (who was the sole ruler in the Western Roman Empire) declared Christianity in favour of Mithra to be the state religion.

He was called son of God
He was crucified.
He was born of a virgin on December 25th.
He was considered a great travelling teacher and master.
He had 12 companions or disciples.He performed miracles.
He was buried in a tomb.
He was atoned for the sins of mankind
After three days he rose from the dead .
Mithra was called "the Good Shepherd."
He was considered "the Way, the Truth and the Light, the Redeemer,the Savior, the Messiah."
He was identified with both the Lion and the Lamb.
His sacred day was Sunday

Some 19th-century historian scholars like Ernest Renan held the opinion that "had Christianity fallen victim to a deadly disease soon after its birth, the world would now worship Mithras"
I doubted that.

The cult of Mithra's ideology and ideas are still alive and very similar with Christianity beliefs.

Paul, a Jew, bore Hebrew name Saul , the apostle to the Gentiles was an expert on Pagan religions and follower of Mithra.. Many believe that he was the real founder of Christianity and not Isa ( Jesus p.b.u.h)

The knowledge about him comes from his own letters and from Book of Acts by his companion Luke. 4) Paul- The real founder of Christianity.Out of the total 27 Books of the New Testament, more than half is authored by Paul. He never met Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h) all his life.Extracted from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia, discription of Paul .Saul, also known as Paul, Paulus, and Saint

Paul the Apostle, (AD 3—67) is widely considered to be central to the early development and spread of Christianity, particularly westward from Judea. Many Christians view him as an important interpreter of the teachings of Jesus. Paul is described in the New Testament as a Hellenized Jew and Roman citizen from Tarsus (present-day Turkey), and as a persistent persecutor of early Christians, almost all of whom were Jewish, prior to his "Road to Damascus" experience, which brought about his conversion to faith in Jesus as Messiah, not only for Jews, but for all, regardless of ethnic background.

Paul made the first great effort, through his Epistles to Gentile Christian communities, to show that the God of Abraham is for all people, rather than for Jews only, though he did not originate the idea; for example, see Isaiah 56:6-8 or 'proselyte', or Simon Peter's vision of the sheet descending from Heaven in the Book of Acts.Paul is venerated as a Saint by all the churches that honor saints, including those of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican traditions, and some Lutheran sects. He is the 'patron saint' of the City of London and has also had several cities named in his honor, including Sao Paulo, Brazil and Saint Paul, Minnesota in the United States.

He did much to advance Christianity among the Gentiles, and is considered to be one source (if not the primary source) of early Church doctrine, and the founder of Pauline Christianity. His epistles form a fundamental section of the New Testament.

Some argue that he was instrumental in establishing Christianity as a distinct religion, rather than a sect of Judaism, as Christianity was first known.Due to his body of work and his undoubted influence on the development of Christianity, many modern scholars have considered Paul to be the founder of Christianity, who modified Jesus' teachings and added important new doctrines. However, this view remains controversial.

Many Christian scholars say that no teachings were modified, and assert that Paul taught in complete harmony with Jesus. Some Christians, however, particularly those who embrace dispensationalism, believe that Jesus' teachings are for the Jews — especially those teachings found in Matthew — and that Christians necessarily have a different belief system since Christianity, according to this perspective, only arose as a result of the rejection by the Jews of Jesus as their Messiah.5)The teachings of Paul.Resurrection of Christ"Remember Jesus Christ, raised fom the dead, a descendant of David - that is my Gospel"(The letter of Paul to Timothy (2:8)Original sins"Sin came into the world through one man (Adam) and his sin brought death with it. As a result, death has spread to the whole human race because everyone has sinned"(The letter of Paul to the Romans 5:12)Son of GodPaul gave new meaning to the term "son of God" which is common in Biblical language."Immediately he(Paul) began to proclaim Jesus in the synagogues saying "He is the son of God"(Acts 9:20)Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h) as GodPaul modified the status of Jesus gradually from mediator between God and man and finally 'equal to God ''For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus"(The first letter of aul to Timothy 2:5)"Through Him (Jesus) God was pleased to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven by making peace through the blood of His Cross"(The letter of Paul to the Collossians 1:20)"For if while we were enemise , we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son"(The letter of Paul to the Romans 5:10)"For in Him all the fullness of deity dwells bodily" (The letter of Paul to the Collossians)

Paul, Christianity and Mithraism

6) Why there are many illicit sex stories in the Bible including rape, incest etc. ? The stories are very disturbing and very pornographic too.

Some example as follows;

Judah and his daughter- in-laws

But Onan knew that the children would not belong to him (i.e would not carry his name) so when he had INTERCOURSE with his brother's widow (Tamar) , he let the semen spill on the ground, so that there would be no children (no name) for his brother .Genesis 38:8-9Father have full control over their daughters"If a man takes a wife and, after laying with her, dislikes her and slanders her and gives her a bad name, saying, 'I married this woman but when I approached her, I did not find proof of her virginity,' then the girl's father and mother shall bring proof [how do you think they would do that?] that she was a virgin to the town elders at the gate. The girl's father will say to the elders, 'I gave my daughter in marriage to this man, but he dislikes her. Now he has slandered her and said, 'I did not find your daughter to be a virgin.' But here is the proof of my daughter's virginity.' Then her parents shall display the cloth [the father would literally stick his two fingers covered with a piece of cloth into his daughter's vagina before she gets married and keep that bloody cloth for as long as his daughter is married] with before the elders of the town, and the elders shall take the man and punish him. (NIV Bible, Deuteronomy 22:13-18)"

Doesn't it disturb you? How do you explain to your kids and how can you accept it and what made you accept such disturbing stories in the Bible

Incest in the BibleLot and His two daughters
30. Now Lot went up out of Zoar and settled in the hills with his two daughters, for he was afraid to stay in Zoar; so he lived in a cave with his two daughters. 31 And the firstborn said to the younger, "Our father is old, and there is not a man on earth to come in to us after the manner of all the world. 32 Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, so that we may preserve offspring through our father." 33 So they made their father drink wine that night; and the firstborn went in, and lay with her father; he did not know when she lay down or when she rose. 34 On the next day, the firstborn said to the younger, "Look, I lay last night with my father; let us make him drink wine tonight also; then you go in and lie with him, so that we may preserve offspring through our father." 35 So they made their father drink wine that night also; and the younger rose, and lay with him; and he did not know when she lay down or when she rose. 36 Thus both the daughters of Lot became pregnant by their father. 37 The firstborn bore a son, and named him Moab; he is the ancestor of the Moabites to this day. 38 The younger also bore a son and named him Ben-ammi; he is the ancestor of the Ammonites to this day.(Bibble Genesis 19: 30-38)What kind of messages do these disturbing sex stories send to the children, parents , society of anybody who read it? It is definately a bad message and example .

7) Quran talks about creation of human beings and animals.
Allah has created every moving (living) creature from water . Of them there are some that creep on their bellies , and some that walk in two legs, and some that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Verily, Allah is Able to do all things. (Quran An-Nur 24:45)This is one of scientific miracles of the Quran.

8) There are not many virgins left in Christian world . The Christians lost them as early as possible in their teens. Read about the life of Christians teenagers in USA. What does the Bible says about sex before marriage and why most Christians purposely being ignorant about it? Don't they believe the Bible?

9) Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h ) is a prophet in Barnabas Bible
It is interesting to note that there were bishops during the first three hundred years of the Church that were teaching that Jesus (pbuh) was a prophet. It was only after the conversion of Emperor Constantine that the doctrine of the Trinity was introduced.

10) Most religions somehow believe in human form's God. Most religions are worshipper of human being, except for Islam .
1) Christian - Prophet Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h) as God
2) Hindu -Brahma, Vishnu and Siva
3) Buddha - Buddha4)Sinkh- Guru Nanak

12)No crucifixion- no Christianity
Christian theology is centered around the death of Jesus. All Christian beliefs about God, creation , sin and death have their focal point in the crucified Christ.Don't you agree with this statement.
13) Jesus (Isa p.b.u.h) was put to death by his people and he did not volunteer himself to the cross. Some said Romans and other said Jews who responsible for his death.The main point here, he was forced to his death and this is well described in the Bible.

14)Who killed Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h) ? The Jews or the Romans?
The Jews Said We killed Him- Quran says They Killed Him Not, Nor Crucified Him And because of their (Jews ) disbelief and uttering against Maryam[Mary (sa)] a grave false charge (that she has committed illegal sexual intercourse) ; And because of their saying (in boast) " We killed Messiah 'Isa (Jesus) son of Mary , the Messenger of Allah, -but they killed him not, nor crucified him , but appeared so to them [the resemblance of Isa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man)], and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely , they killed him not [ i.e Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary)sa] , But Allah raised him [Isa (Jesus)] up unto Himself. And Allah is Ever All-Powerfull, All wise. .(Qur'an An-Nisa 4:156-157)

15) The mission of Isa (Jesus p.b.u.h.): A Prophet only to the Lost sheep of the house of Israel ( only to the Jews people at the time and not to all human races )In the GospelHe Isa [Jesus (p.b.u.h)] replied, " I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Matthew 15:24)" These twelve ( Isa' disciples) Isa [Jesus(p.b.u.h)] sent out with the charge: Do not go to the Gentiles nor enter a Samaritan city, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."( Matthew 10:5-6)In the Qur'an"We granted Our favor to him [Isa (as)] , and We made him an example to the Children of Israel."( Qur'an 43:59) "And Allah will teach him [Isa(as)] the Book and Wisdom, The Taurat (Torah) and the Injil (Bible) , And appoint him a Messenger to the Children of Israel...

16) The mission of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was to give messages to to all human races in the world.He was the last prophet.Blessed is He Who sent down the criterion (of right and wrong) to His slave (Muhammad s.a.w) that he may be warner to the Alamin (mankind and jinn)(Quran Al-Furqan 25:1)

17) Darkness in the sea (1000m below)
Or [the unbelievers' state] are like the darkness of a fathomless sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he can scarcely see it. Those Allah gives no light to, they have no light. (Qur'an; An-Nur 24:40) This is such a beautiful verse. Can you give better comparison than this ?


An Invitation to the Truth ( For Those Who Read, think and Ponder)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Read the Quran
Darkness In The Sea and Internal Waves
Or [the unbelievers' state] are like the darkness of a fathomless sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he can scarcely see it. Those Allah gives no light to, they have no light. (Qur'an, An-Nur 24:40)

The Seas Not Mingling With Each Other
He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through. (Qur'an, Ar-Rahman 55:19-20)

Chromosomes (Y -Masculinity, X-femininity)-
The sex of a BabyHe has created both sexes, male and female from a drop of semen which has been ejected. (Qur'an 53:45-46)"O mankind ! We created you from a single pair of a male and female, and made you into nation and tribes, that you may know each other." (Quran, 49-13)

The Expansion Of The Universe ( The big bang )
And it is We Who have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We Who are steadily expanding it. (Qur'an,Al-Qamar 51:47)

The Movement Of The Mountains
You see the mountains you reckoned to be solid going past like clouds. (Qur'an, An-Naml 27:88)

Porks And Its Harmful Effects On Health
He has only forbidden you carrion, blood and pork and what has been consecrated to other than Allah. But anyone who is forced to eat it-without desiring it or going to excess in it-commits no crime. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Qur'an, Al-Baqarah 2:173)

Every Living Thing Made From Water
And we made from water every living thing, Will they ( The Disbelievers, the Atheists And The Agnostics) then not believe? (Qur'an, Anbiya'a 21:30)

And Allah has created every Animal from water, of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four, Allah creates what he wills; For verily Allah has power over all things (Qur'an An- Nur 24:45)

Miracles of Quran - Part 1/16


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